Simon Wendsche

Hi, I’m Simon.
I started to work with 3D software in January 2010.
After doing an internship at Archlab in Dresden for about 9 months I’m now studying “Computer Science, Media & Communications” at the University of Applied Sciences (hska) Karlsruhe.

I am using 3ds Max, Vray, Blender, LuxRender, Photoshop and other software to shape out my ideas.
I’m also visiting the LuxRender and Blender forums on a regular basis to show my work, get feedback and to help others.

I try to understand how the tools I work with work internally, to be able to adapt them too my needs.
I use the programming languages C++, Python, Java and MaxScript to optimize 3D software and to develop helper programs for myself.
I release most of them as open source on GitHub.

Since 2014 I am also contributing to the LuxRender project as an exporter developer.